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Touring Europe, you will be in awe of its natural beauty, incredible history and dazzled by the artistic and culinary diversity.

Europe’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the Napoleonic splendour of Paris, and the multi-layered historical and cultural canvas of London. Less obvious but no less impressive attractions include Moorish palaces in Andalucía, the fascinating East-meets-West brew of İstanbul in Turkey, the majesty of meticulously restored imperial palaces in Russia's former capital St Petersburg and the ongoing project of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Despite its population density Europe maintains spectacular natural scenery: rugged Scottish Highlands with glens and lochs; Norway's fabulous fjords, seemingly chipped to jagged perfection by giants; the vine-raked valleys of the Loire; and the steppe-like plains of central Spain. For beaches, take a circuit of the Mediterranean's northern coast where beach holidays were practically invented. Or strike out to lesser known yet beautiful coastal regions such as the Baltic and Black Seas. Mountain lovers should head to the Alps: they march across central Europe taking in France, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy, and tiny Liechtenstein.

Visit London and enjoy its history and culture or plan a trip to Amsterdam. Combine them all to experience the best of all worlds in a European tour in a group or do it on a solo tour. Plan an all-inclusive ski trip to the Alps or enjoy the legendary Octoberfest in Germany. Visit the Christmas markets and enjoy an iconic white Christmas. Enjoy the splendour of Greece and overlook the crystal-clear sea.


10 interesting facts about Europe:

  1. The current size of Europe is 3,930,000 square miles. Europe is the world’s second smallest continent. It covers approximately 2% of the Earth’s surface.
  2. Europe facts tell us there are 50 countries in Europe, including the world’s smallest country, Vatican City. The most visited countries in Europe are France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  3. European cities are popular with tourists. Their rich cultural history makes them great destinations for art, food and history lovers. Paris is the most popular urban European destination. Barcelona, Rome, London and Berlin round out the top five European cities for tourism. The cities of Europe provide a rich experience, with museums, restaurants, and tours that cater to curious travellers.
  4. There are 21 countries in the European Union that produce wine. The European Union regulates wine zones to ensure clear labelling of wine varieties to help vineyards and consumers. Europe facts indicate approximately 44% of the world’s wine and raisins come from European Union vineyards. The three largest wine producing countries in the world are all EU members: Italy, France, and Spain.
  5. One third of the world’s wealth is located in Europe. Europe is the world’s richest continent, even though it is the second smallest. The European Union is the world’s largest economic area, with 18 countries sharing a single currency, the euro.
  6. 84% of people in the Netherlands own at least one bicycle. There are more bicycles than people in the country (22.3 million bicycles and 17 million people).
  7. We would recommend taking out insurance: (
  8. More than 200 languages are spoken in Europe.
  9. Although the origin of the name of London’s iconic ‘Big Ben’ is not 100% certain, children love the idea that this clock tower has a memorable name. The time of the clock is adjusted every year with an old British penny. If the clock is observed to run too fast, a penny is added to the pendulum to slightly slow the clock.
  10. Disneyland Paris is one of the most popular visitor attractions for tourists in Europe and receives close to 9.7 million visitors annually. This is a staggering 2.7 million more visits than the Eifel Towe receives!.

Items you must pack:

  1. Camera.
  2. Your appetite.
  3. Jackets, scarves, and gloves over winter.
  4. A backpack

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With our first-hand experience we will give you the best advice to have a fabulous time in Europe!

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