Bali Travel Guide

Bali, a true paradise. Where Karma and culture is engraved!

Stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has virtually every kind of natural beauty. Beautiful mountainous areas with lush greenery, powerful waterfalls, iconic rice fields & flower gardens all make up the island's landscape. A great combination for food & nature lovers!

We had the most magical time in Bali. The local Balinese people are equally as treasurable as what the island has to offer. Extremely friendly and peaceful. Bali offers much more than just beautiful beaches.

April to October is the best time to visit Bali. We went in June and had great weather.

We stayed mostly in Nusa Dua. This part of the island had the best beaches & resorts. It is not as busy as Kuta. It depends on what your requirements are. We also visited Seminyak for shopping and to enjoy a bit of a party. We enjoyed hopping from one bar to the other. We mostly walked.

Ubud was lovely, perfect for nature lovers. We visited the monkey forest, got massages daily and got to see the rice paddies which are breath-taking. Our resort was awesome, and it felt like we were staying in a forest. Ubud is the centre of traditional crafts and dance. Ubud was super laid back and a highlight of our trip.

We enjoyed the food! Best is to eat their local food from restaurants. Avoid food from street vendors.


10 Things you need to Know about Bali:

  1. Indonesia's currency is called Rupiah. You won't have a problem finding ATMS. Most businesses will accept cards but at the local markets they will only accept cash.
  2. Most Balinese people are Hindu -
  3. The standard voltage is 230 V. I would recommend buying a universal plug.
  4. Bali is very safe for tourists
  5. Spend time with a Balinese person and learn how to cook. A big highlight!
  6. You get a visa on arrival
  7. Do not drive - rather get a private taxi. Don't rent your own scooter. No travel insurance covers accidents on scooters in Bali.
  8. I would recommend taking out insurance: (
  9. Do not drink the tap water - it will make you sick
  10. You can take 1 litre of alcohol into Bali

3 Fun facts about Bali:

  1. The Balinese calendar has only 210 days
  2. Most expensive coffee: Kopi Luwak.
  3. 80% of Bali's economy depends on Tourism

Items you must pack:

  1. Hat & sunglasses
  2. Swimsuits & sarong
  3. Sunscreen (it's expensive there)
  4. Short's & flip flops

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With our first-hand experience we will give you the best advice to have a fabulous time in Bali!

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